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Napoleon's Greatest Gamble
The Invasion of Russia (1812)

We have reprinted a small amount of this game. The invasion of Russia was the greatest gamble of Napoleon. The campaign nearly succeded in wiping out Russia from war and awarding Napoleon the greatest prize: the conquest of Europe...

Guelphs & Ghibellines

Our praised game system, author Piergennaro Federico, for recreating medieval battles, with no traditional game turns. Play flows from maneuver to maneuver until the game ends.

Three battles in medieval Italy: Montaperti, Benevento, Campaldino. XIII century warfare with a new game system which gave birth to a string of games published (...)

Strafexpedition 1916

It nearly happened. Spring 1916, on the Asiago plateau, near Verona, Italy, the Austro-Hungarian army nearly smashed the Italian frontline, in a huge campaign which could end the First World War in Italy (and perhaps in the world).

The original game of Andrea Brusati which gave birth to the series. We want to include all the major campaign in this series. The basic unit size is the battalion, one day or half a day game turns. (...)

All is lost save Honour

Our first game. The campaign for predominance of Italy among the greatest powers of the beginning of XVI century. Warfare is changing forever mostly for the introduction of deadly firearms, civilization is entering modernity by a completely new way of thinking and waging war (...)

Custoza, Fields of Doom

This game recreates two of the most essential battles (and defeats) of the wars of the Italian Risorgimento, the two battles of Custoza, respectively in the First (1848) and Third (1866) Wars of Italian Independence. The game system, which is focused on fog of war and maneuver, tries to recreate these peculiar battles in a most innovative way (...)

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