The Campaigns of the Italian Wars Vol.II
El Gran Capitán

The long-awaited "prequel" of All is lost save Honour is finally here. A game about the campaigns fought during the Italian Wars (1494-1530), the long struggle for Italy between the Habsburgs (the Empire) and the French Crown. This second volume is centered about the wars in Southern Italy, from 1494 to 1503. Featuring also the unfortunate Lautrec's campaign of 1528

The Campaigns

This second volume includes all the major campaigns fought in Southern Italy:
- Otranto, 1481: an introductry scenario, the Turkish invasion of region Puglia and the terrible sack of Otranto (not part of the Italian Wars)
- Ferrandino’s War, 1495-96, the Aragonese, with the help of El Gran Capitán, retake the Kingdom of Naples to the French.
- The fight for the Kingdom of Naples, 1502-1503, the French and Spanish, led by El Gran Capitán, fight for the Kingdom of Naples. This campaign historically included the two most famous battles of Cerignola and Garigliano (1503), where Cordoba gained the title "El Gran Capitán".
- Lautrec’s last chance, 1528, the unfortunate campaign of Lautrec to conquer Naples once again
- The crusade of Charles VIII (a what-if scenario), 1495-96, what if Charles VIII would have not decided to come back to France soon after his conquer of the Kingdom of Naples ?

These were longer campaigns with respect to the first game, and fought on larger areas. Scale has been adapted to these facts (3x in space and time)


* the game system of All is lost save Honour, scaled 3x to adapt it to campaigns which were longer and fought on much wider areas
* operational-level warfare in the XVIth century
* highly interactive sequence of play, focused on manoeuvre and careful planning
* various forms of combat: Major battles,Skirmishes, Sieges
* a 22" x 34" fine-art map , reproducing all of XVIth southern Italy, based on an accurate study of ancient maps and sources
* gorgeous iconic counters representing all the main Capitani who fought there and the different combat units
* detailed (as it is possible) order of battle, with combat units differentiated by strength, maximum movement, quality and reliability
* very low counter density and limited play time


  • 22"x34" map of southern Italy, depicting the Kingdom of Naples
  • 280 1/2" die-cut counters
  • Standard rules
  • Optional rules and Scenario Instructions for 4 campaigns
  • Charts, tables
  • Boxed

Designer: Nicola Contardi

Historical introduction

This game encompasses a long period of the Italian Wars when the two main European powers, France and Spain, confronted for the possession of Southern Italy. Both countries claimed their rights upon this part of Italy, for dynastic and religious motivations. But the true stake was political of course. Southern Italy at the end of Middle Ages was a rich and fertile countryside, within the parameters of the era. Furthermore it was in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, focal point of all sea trading routes for Spain towards Middle East. After the Angiovin domination, the Kingdom of Naples passed in the hands of the Aragonese Crown, a dynasty of Spanish origins. King Ferdinand of Spain and his wife isabella, the catholic kings, appointed Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba as commander in chief for the Spanish operations in Naples. Gonzalo gained his glory, and the name "El gran Capitán, while Ferdinand gained the south of Italy to Spain for centuries.