Caporetto 1917

Caporetto, the infamous battle

For sure the most famous battle on the Italian Front during the Great War, and a pivotal event of the war on this front. "Caporetto" is a confrontation between two different ways to make war: infiltration tactics against static defense. "Caporetto, 1917" is the third game on a battle on the Italian Front, after "Strafexpedition, 1916" and "Gorizia, 1916", using the same system and scale. It will have a series rule book, with the 2nd edition rules, usable for both Strafexpedition and Gorizia, with consolidated errata and a more detailed artillery use. The Specific Rules will cover the game scenario itself, with rules dedicated to this battle and where game turns will be 12 hours long (instead of one day per GT). In the historical campaign game there is no way for the Italians to win; the two players, or teams, will play the Austro-German and Italian right wing, against the Austro-German and Italian left wing. In detail, Krauss and Stein Groups attacking the Italian IV Corps, and Berrer and Scotti Groups attacking the Italian VII Corps and part of the XXVII.

The map will run from Mount Canin and Rombon on the West to Tolmino bridgehead on the East, and from Plezzo and Monte Nero on the North to Cividale and the Friuli plains on the South. It will be divided in sectors where each player, or team, will have to achieve its objectives faster than the opponent.

The campaign game will be big, with 2 maps, and over 1000 units and markers, but short, from October 24th to October 27th, when general Cadorna gave the order of general withdrawal in front of an unrecoverable situation. By that time, after 8 Game Turns, the Austro-German troops should have run across the whole map. Caporetto campaign game is a rush, but also a study of two different approaches to warfare in World War One. In Caporetto you will find units and specializations from the former two games, beside Stosstruppen, Arditi, gas and mine attacks, and more. Small scenarios will cover specific episodes of this epic confrontation, and an alternative campaign game, with Austro-German and Italian counterparts, where the Italian player can freely deploy its reserves (only), and can test if the battle could have gone better for the Italian colors.
Welcome to the mobile warfare in the Great War.

Designer: Andrea Brusati
Status: Development phase, expected release: 2021. In preorder soon